Integrated services of Accounting and Human Resources


picture2-501x1024Full accounting for private individuals who perform liberal professions
(single entry accounting).

Full accounting for companies:

  1. Staff training on how to prepare primary documents and their circuit in the company;
  2. Registration of primary documents in accordance with legal norms and accounting principles;
  3. Analytical and synthetic evidence of customers, suppliers, etc;
  4. Assets record, calculation of depreciation, record inventory items, etc;
  5. Accounting for merchandise entries, raw materials etc;
  6. Accounting for stocks of goods;
  7. Drafting and filing of entrance / reception notes, consumption bills and delivery notes;
  8. The outflows of finished goods, goods or services accounting;
  9. Elaboration of monthly trial balance;
  10. Establishing monthly and quarterly payment obligations and paperwork for benefits;
  11. Drafting Journal Register, Inventory Register, VAT Journals and Big Book;
  12. Preparation and submission of fees and taxes;
  13. Balance Sheet preparation and certification.

Balance sheet preparation.

The Balance Sheet is the document that reflects the company’s financial situation at a given reference period and enables a complete picture in terms of: Passives, Own capital, Profit and loss account.

Checking synthesis situations.

Checking Account Balance and Balance Sheet.

Personal services – payroll:

  1. Employment contracts, amendments to them, decisions in accordance with Law 53/2003 – Labour Code.
  2. Filling labor contracts, drafting decisions and addenda.
  3. Payroll Drafting.
  4. Preparation and submission of obligations relating to personal rights (Statement 112).
  5. Filing and registration of various documents at ITM.
  6. Preparation and submission to REVISAL (General Register of Employed Persons).

Other services:

  1. Drafting various documents:
    • Preparation of documents of payments to the state budget.
    • Elaboration of pay certificate.
  2. Restoring records and accounting statements.
  3. Other specific services.